Friday, July 23, 2010

If you are looking at this. I put this on the wrong blog. I didn't even know I could post on this blog anymore. We have a new blog and it is So I will hopefully be able to copy these posts over. Enjoy!
We are about to finish up our first week here at Windy Gap. Blake is doing program with our friends John Sharp and Luke Sadler. They are doing a great job. I thought you might enjoy some pictures of our first week. The campers do a hike on Thursday. The kids and I didn't hike, but we drove up to the lunch site and ate with them and had a little family picnic. We took a picture at a look out spot.

On Wednesday night we dress up in 1800's clothes and this was Lainey's outfit. Randi Lea Thomas gave her this outfit as a baby gift knowing that we would use it this summer. Thanks Thomas! In two weeks Lainey will be one!!! This was Brayden's costume. You can't see the pants in this picture but they were great. Mandy Holmes let me borrow this one. It used to be her son's. Her mom made it. Brayden didn't wear the headdress for very long. I don't think he liked all of the attention he was getting from wearing it.

Brayden is loving Windy Gap as you can see. This is him at the swimming pool jumping off the diving board, which is twice as high as a regular one.

He and Blake also did the Nascarts. He said he went as fast as Lighting McQueen!

July 4th weekend we decided to take on a project. We knocked down our old columns and put up some new ones. I though some of you might enjoy seeing the handy work of my skilled and hard working husband. As you notice in the snow picture they were white round columns that the paint was peeling and below is the new columns. We stained them the color of our shutters that we built about 3 years ago and then we restained the shutters because they had faded a little , so now it all matches.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Blog Coming Soon!

We are going to be changing to a new blog here soon. We are awaiting the arrival of our baby girl. The title of this blog is a little too specific, so we are going to broaden it. We will let you know what the name of the blog is going to be on here and then you can just start reading that one. We won't keep up this one too. I already have a difficult time doing that. So be looking for pictures of our new baby girl. August 4th is the due date, so we are on countdown.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Time!

As you may be noticing I do my blog updates in seasons. We have had a great summer. We have been traveling a little bit and getting ready for our baby girls arrival. We have been swimming a lot. Brayden loves to swim and it has been so fun. He is pretty fearless in the water. He loves to jump in and go under. But we don't just have to be at the swimming pool. As you can see below in the pictures it doesn't matter if it is the hose or his kiddie pool he is all about the water.

We also went on vacation with the Pettigrews. It is our third annual. The boys are all at great ages. They all can walk, take the same naps for the most part. We went to Mexico Beach. It took Brayden some time to warm up to the ocean, but by the end of the week he was more comfortable. Blake and Brayden got out on a kayake in the ocean. They went out pretty far. Brayden loved it and was not very happy when the ride was over. Blake is now looking into getting one.

We planted a vegetable garden this summer and here are fruits of our labor. Zuchinni, Squash, and cucumbers. We also have corn and tomatoes, but not ready to pick yet.

Brayden got his first official haircut from "Sissy", his Aunt Lauren. Blake has cut it before, but this was his first time in the chair. He did well. Lauren did a great job with him too.

We had a storm one day that actually Brayden and I got caught in as we were walking, but we had a lot of limbs in our yard and on our roof. Brayden put on his work hat and helped me pick them up.

Our nephews had their one year old birthday party.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Spring has arrived and we are hoping that is stays. It has taken a little while it seems. We are looking forward to the semester coming to a close, camp is drawing near and we are anticipating the arrival of our little baby girl! We don't have a name yet, so if there is any suggestions out there feel free to let us know. Below are just some pictures of our month of April. Brayden has started wanting to help vacuum, wash dishes, etc. His version of wash the dishes is just to play in the water, but it is fun to have him standing beside me on his stool. I just embrace the mess and we clean up together afterwards.

We had a great time on Easter. Brayden's first easter egg hunt was at our church. We went with Randi Lea and Vada Thomas. They were in town, so that was fun. We missed the Easter egg hunt because Brayden was chasing a ball in the parking lot, so a friend of ours set a few eggs out in front of him and he picked them up and put them in his basket. This is a picture of Vada and Brayden playing with the bubbles.

We went to my parents Easter weekend and had an Easter egg hunt at my parents. This is a picture of Anna Grace, his cousin, and Brayden before they started.

Brayden dumped out all of his easter eggs

My parents just recently got a hot tub and Blake was the first one in. They had just put water in it that day so it was still pretty chilly, but he took the leap.

The Tilleros' gave us a thing for the back of Blake's bike. I am not sure what you call it, but Brayden can sit in it and ride. It is his new favorite thing to ride with Daddy.

Here is a video of Brayden batting. This is one of his favorite things to do as well.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Pictures

Our friend Laura Jackson came over and took some pictures of Brayden while she was in town . She caught a lot of his facial expressions, so I posted some of those. It was difficult to chose, but these are some of my favorites. Brayden is loving being outside since the weather has been so great. He loves hitting the ball, throwing the ball, anything with the ball.